Tips for being the best looking bride!

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Planning a wedding can be stressful and overwhelming, but stress can take its toll on even the best looking brides to-be. The experts at Houston Make Up are happy to alleviate some of that pressure while planning your make up, hair and even photography. Waiting for vendors to call or email you back wastes time, sometimes days, but because we are Houston’s premier one stop shop for all of your beauty needs, we can set everything up in one phone call! We can arrange a consultation with you – the bride – and/or your wedding party to plan all of your needs on your special day. The more planning, the better! This is why bridal consultations and packages are usually more expensive than regular appointments. We take care to plan every last detail so that there are no surprises on your big day and you can look your absolute best. During the planning process, we take photographs of your trial run and discuss your needs at length, spending more time getting to know you and what would look best. Here are some other tips to make sure your day goes smoothly!

  • Talk to your bridal party before any bridal beauty consultation and try to arrange a trial run for everyone. Make it easy. Plan an evening at your home or at the studio and ask everyone to come. Find out what your bridesmaids might want and decide on something suitable together so there are no surprises. Leave no stone unturned so we know what to expect!
  • Bring any veils or hair accessories that you think you will wear to your consultation. Consider having a backup veil. This goes for bridesmaids too. If you need a sparkly clip or a flower, let us know and we can find something unique.
  • Make sure the make up and hairstyles are appropriate if you haven’t had a trial run. For example, a hairstylist cannot make a cute, side swept curled pony tail out of a cropped pixie cut. At the very least, try to send pictures beforehand. Make up artists and hair stylists are on budgeted time, and knowing what you want (and what is possible!) when you arrive helps everyone. If the agreement is for a “simple updo”, clarify to your bridal party what that is exactly. Ask if you need to.
  • Make sure your bridal party knows what time and where they have to show up for hair and make up and/or tanning for every appointment you make. Better yet, tell them 30 minutes before your scheduled appointment start time, so they are early in some cases, or right on time in others (this is also a handy tip on wedding invites to prevent stragglers disturbing your ceremony!). If you are late, the vendor is late to their next appointment and in the bustle of wedding season, time is precious.
  • If your make up and/or hair stylists have specific requests, make sure your party knows what they are and they follow them. We ask for a clean face with no make up and/or mascara residue. We also ask for clean, dry hair (for a better hold, wash your hair the previous morning & use a little amount, if any, of hair conditioner)by not adhering to these rules, you could end up faced with extra charges and delaying the appointment further (which could make you late for your own wedding!)
  • If you have a group deal, think about paying your make up artist and/or hairstylist before your big day. Try to get all the money together before you show up to the appointment if you can’t pay early. Negotiating a price after the services have been rendered is simply not appreciated and again, wastes time. You should be enjoying being pampered and made pretty, not negotiating about money on your big day! Even if you don’t have a group deal, paying all of your vendors before your wedding day, if you can, relieves a lot of stress and running around.
  • Communicate with your make up artist and stylist as much as possible about any changes to the plan. If you are adding a person to the bridal party, we will need to allocate extra time and that could interfere with other appointments. We may need to adjust our schedule to accommodate that extra person. We will also need to know specifically what services they will need so as to know how much time to allocate, and as much detail as possible about a style and make up look.
  • We can accommodate any last minute requests, like fake eyelashes. If you or your bridesmaids even think you might want something extra on the day of your event, ask that they bring the extra cash, just in case.

  • If we are coming to your location, let us know beforehand where to park, which door to come in through, valet details, where you will be, room numbers, etc. This helps us be efficient as possible in loading and unloading all of our things. Give us another contact number (a maid of honor, a mom, a planner) in case you cannot be reached and we need to get a hold of you in an emergency.

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