Houston Make Up Preps You For Prom!

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Prom season is officially in full swing for Houston Make Up and some of our youngest clients are going all out this year! Houston Make Up can accommodate any and all requests for amazing, natural looking false eye lashes imported from Europe, as well as natural looking and professional hair extensions to help you wow your high school sweetheart!

Hair and makeup should be at the top of your prom to-do list, and is just as important as your dress and your date. Our professionals can help you achieve any look you’re going for, whether it’s fun and natural, wild, classic, or anything else you have in mind. We use the best, long-lasting make up, including Bobbi Brown, Laura Mercier, Chanel and Mac, to name but a few. Our airbrush make up is like no other in Houston, and will help you achieve a flawless, polished look, and will also cover up any imperfections you want to hide. Bring your ideas from magazines and photos and we can guarantee you’ll leave looking magazine ready too. Don’t forget about some of the other quality services we offer that will just enhance your prom look!

Houston Make Up offers a great mobile spray tanning service, individual and customized to your body and skin tone. We’d be happy to set up an appointment a few days before you come in for your makeup and hair, and will also show you how best to prepare for and maintain your tan so that sun kissed glow will last all night and beyond, without spending hours in the sun!

We also have an in-house threading expert who comes to the studio and can clean up those eyebrows or other problem areas quickly and without the harsh chemicals and pain of waxing.

Don’t forget about our in-house photographer too, who can take head shots and photos right in our studio of you looking your very best!

Call Houston Make Up today to set up your prom appointment and see what services we can offer you! Make it a date with all your friends and get ready for a night –and day – to remember!



Houston Make Up Introduces Threading!

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Houston Make Up is thrilled to announce the addition of a professional threader to our team!

If you’re not familiar with the amazing new trend in hair removal, stay tuned, as it’s the ONLY way to get rid of unwanted hair and Houston Make Up makes it more convenient than ever! Our threader is now available to our clients exclusively on Monday evenings at the Houston Make Up studio! She can clean up your eyebrows and upper lip, as well as any other problem areas on your face.

Often practiced in eastern countries such as Egypt and India, threading removes unwanted facial hair by pulling the hair into a mini-lasso, with a very fine thread, removing it completely from the follicle.

Threading leaves your eyebrows looking clean and neater than they’ve ever been before. Your natural eyebrow shape will be determined and followed, leaving you with the most defined and even eyebrows you’ve ever had. And it lasts! There’s no weekly maintenance, in fact, threading can last up to about six weeks and often, the more you do it the less hair grows back so you can go longer between threading appointments.

The beauty of it all is that there are no harsh chemicals involved, no weird side effects. Unlike waxing, it takes just a few minutes to get rid of the redness it might leave afterwards. All it takes is the steady hand of a professional and a piece of thread. It is also a very sanitary procedure as each piece of thread is thrown away after each use.

Now, on a scale of one to ten, the pain level is probably around a six or seven. Certainly less than waxing, but much, much faster! And it gets less and less painful the more you do it. Obviously some areas, like the upper lip, might be more sensitive than others, but overall, threading is much less harsh than any waxing or tweezing. And the results speak for them themselves!

Contact Houston Make Up to make your THREADING appointment TODAY!